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The video-based "One Minute Strategies" available in Teaching English Learners are extensive and practical, and all the strategies have been class-tested by Ron Rohac, a 25-year teaching veteran and experienced ELL teacher educator.

As of now, there are dozens of One Minute Strategies in the Teaching English Learners Member Library link to that section, and more One Minute Strategies are added every day.

In these short, practical video clips, Ron Rohac provides classroom teachers with an overview and tips for:

  • Implementing English Language Learner (ELL) instructional Best Practices in the content classroom including "Making Language and Content Comprehensible," "Including Hands-On Activities," "Scaffolding Instruction to Meet ELLs' Needs," and "Building in Ongoing Performance Assessment."
  • Setting Content and Language Objectives
  • Identifying your key content and support vocabulary
  • Strategies for developing reading skills and strategies, such as Cue Retelling These One Minute Strategy video clips, produced and presented by experienced ELL teacher educator Ron Rohac, are great reminders of classroom strategies to try and things to remember as you go through your daily routine and plan for future lessons.

One Minute Strategies are ideal e-mail messages from an administrator or EL coordinator to keep your teachers sharp and motivated. They are designed to be easily sent to any e-mail address and downloaded quickly. Each One Minute Strategies runs for about 55 seconds to 1 minute, 10 seconds.

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